March 18, 2006 (13 years, 1 month ago)

Southern California Water Poisoned with Fluoride

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The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWDSC) has recently issued a contract solicitation for a $20 -$25 million dollar flouridation plant that will use FLUOROSILICIC ACID (H2SiF6)

The Centers for Disease Control, United Nations, European Union and other health and safety organizations claim that people should “avoid all contact” with fluorosilicic acid and warns “Do NOT let this chemical enter the environment”. The substance “is corrosive to the eyes, the skin and the respiratory tract and corrosive on ingestion. Inhalation of the vapour of this substance may cause lung oedema.” Exposure to the substance over the long term has “effects on the bones and teeth, resulting in fluorosis.”

Fluorosilicic acid is composed of tetrafluorosiliciate gas and types of fluorine gases which are captured in pollution scrubbers and concentrated during wet process phosphate fertilizer manufacture. The acid is often stored in outdoor cooling ponds before being sent to water departments to poison unsuspecting people.

There are no good reasons to flouridate water, only bad reasons. The bad reasons include:

Hazardous waste disposal – it is very expensive to dispose of the toxic chemical, unless it is put in water for human consumption. While it is illegal to release the toxin into the environment it is legal to release it into humans.

Dumbing down the population – flouride is highly reactive and combines easily with heavy metals. Studies have shown that children drinking flouridated water have lower cognitive abilities. At low levels flouride makes people more docile and suggestable. It was used in NAZI Germany and Communist Russia to make prisoners more passive.

Causing psychosis – many pscho-active drugs are fluorinated and have been shown to cause highly adverse affects, including homicidal and suicidal tendencies. People who have gone on killing rampages unexpectedly have in common that they had been taking flourinated drugs. Certain people want to keep the US population in fear so that more gun-control laws and laws limiting freedom can be passed. Poisoning medication with flouride creates more violence to justify more laws.

If you want to avoid being poisoned by drinking water be sure to never drink tap water or use toothpaste with flouride. Drink water that has been filtered by reverse osmosis or distillation. Avoid bottled drinks. Consider alternatives to medication.

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