Abap interview questions and answers pdf

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abap interview questions and answers pdf

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Answer: The difference between structure and table is. Explain the difference between Template and Table? Answer: The difference between the table and template is that the table is a dynamic and template is static.

SAP ABAP Interview Questions

Answer: The difference between structure and table is. Explain the difference between Template and Table? Answer: The difference between the table and template is that the table is a dynamic and template is static.

What is the difference between collect and sum? Answer: SUM. When you use SUM in a LOOP with an explicitly specified output area, this output area must be compatible with the line type of the internal table. How we format the data before writing a statement in the report?

Answer: We can format the reports output by using the loop events like. What are two different ways to add fields to SAP tables? Answer: An append structure or a customizing include can be used to add fields to a table. Append structures are created by adding fields to the end of a table while Customizing includes are specified by the SAP developer in advance to allow for the customer to create new fields.

What two statements are required in an ABAP program to output an icon using a written statement? The Include files contain the names of constants that represent all system-defined icons. What is BDC programming? What are the functional modules used in sequence in BDC? What are the internal tables?

They are used to perform table calculations on subsets of database tables and for re-organizing the contents of database tables according to users need. What is ITS? What are the merits of ITS? Answer: I had worked with the following 30 system fields:. Answer: There are three events of Interactive Reports:. Answer: There are four types of Joins:. Answer: By using two statements: Top-of-page during line-selection At line-selection.

What Are Extracts? Answer : Extracts are dynamic sequential datasets in which different lines can have different structures. We can access the individual records in an extract dataset using a LOOP. Explain the difference between pool tables and transparent tables?

Its structure corresponds to a single database field. Pooled tables are stored at the database level. Update function modules are classified as either V1 or V2.

Which type of update is performed first and in what mode Asynchronously, Synchronously or locally can each type be processed in? Answer : V1 updates take priority over V2 updates and are therefore processed prior to V2 updates. V1 updates can be performed asynchronously, synchronously or locally.

V2 updates always run asynchronously. What is the Modification Assistant? The modification assistant can be triggered through the ABAP editor and it will assist in logging modifications for any changes that are made to the system. What statement will be found in an SAP application program that implements a function module exit? Answer : Function module exits will exist in some SAP application programs to allow a customer to add some functionality to the SAP program.

What is a transaction variant and why are they used? Fields, subscreens and full screens that may not be required by a user can be suppressed from that users view through the use of variant functionality. List some of the many different ways that the SAP standard functionality can be changed by a customer?

Examples of these different approaches for changing the standard are as follows:. What is an ABAP data dictionary? What are logical databases?

What is a batch input session? Data along with the action is stored in session ie data for screen fields, to which screen it is passed, program name behind it, and how next screen is processed. How to upload data using CATT? The download of the source file template. Modification of the source file. Upload of the data from the source file. What are Smart Forms? How can I make a differentiation between dependent and independent data?

Answer : Client dependent or independent transfer requirements include client-specific or cross client objects in the change requests. Workbench objects like SAP scripts are client specific, some entries in customizing are client independent. If you display the object list for one change request, and then for each object the object attributes, you will find the flag client specific. If one object in the task list has this flag on, then that transport will be client dependent.

What is the difference between macro and subroutine? Subroutines FORM can be called from both the program the are defined in and other programs.

A MACRO is more or less an abbreviation for some lines of code that are used more than once or twice. A FORM is a local subroutine which can be called external.

If the subroutine is used only local called internal use a FORM. What is the differences between structure and table in the data dictionary in ABAP?

The table can store the data physically but a structure does not store. The table can have the primary key but a structure does not have. The table can have the technical attribute but a structure does not have. What is the difference between Type and Like? LIKE, you assign the datatype of another object to the declaring data object.

The datatype is referenced indirectly. What is Tcode SE16? For what is it used. Explain briefly? What are the differences? Answer: The 2 editors are se38 and se80 both have the abap editor in place. In se38 you can go create programs and view online reports and basically do all the development of objects in this editor. In se80 object navigator there are additional features such as creating packages, module pool, function group, classes, programs where you can create ur programs and BSP applications.

What is the difference between a dialog program and a report? How do you connect to the remote server if you are working from the office for the client in a remote place? If you are sitting at your office with a server which is in the system and the other server is at the clients place you can generate IDOC, intermediate documents which carry the data you want to transfer or the documents you want to transfer, these IDOC are interpreted by the system at the receiving end with the message class with which it is bound with.

If you want to log on a system which is very distant.. What is Field symbol? In this example, the name of a table control is substituted by a field symbol. Thus you cal call the form with any internal table, using the name of the table control as a parameter. How data is stored in cluster table? It stores data as a name-value pair Varkey, var data. Are you familiar with all the steps for setting up a workflow? Answer: Yes. In the header of the Workflow, define the Business Object and Event you refer to for triggering the Wf.

Create the Steps required for your workflow Activity. Inside the Activity, Create the task and assign the Business Object and the related method for that business object. Activate the Workflow. Reports — It is the way to display data fetched from database table onto a screen or directly output it to a printer. Difference Between Sy-tabix And Sy-index? Where It Is Used? What is the difference between Tables and Structures?

What is a Data Class? Answer: The Data class determines in which tablespace the table is stored when it is created in the database. What is Size Category? Answer: The Size category describes the probable space requirement of the table in the database.

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Top 35 SAP ABAP Interview Questions & Answers

What is an ABAP? Answer: It is an automatic procedure to transfer large or external data into the SAP system. Describe the data classes? Answer : The data classes are classified into the following classes. What are the internal tables? Answer : Internal table exists only when the program is run.

What is an ABAP? What do you mean by BDC (Batch Data Communications) programming? Describe the data classes? What are the internal tables? What is the difference between Table and Template? In events, start-of-selection is a default event. What are the differences between ABAP and OOABAP?

SAP ABAP Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers Pdf

There are lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. The SAP system is controlled by this presentation layer. The presentation can be a mobile phone or just a web browser. The process takes place with the help of Application server.

SAP ABAP Interview Questions & Answers

If you are seeking forwards to avail a lot of opportunities in the reputed companies across the world, then you have landed at the right destination. It is used by large companies to manage their daily affairs.


Do you like to switch your career? Here's our recommendation on the important things to need to prepare for the job interview to achieve your career goals in an easy way. One can check the availability of the job across cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad. Question 1. What Is An Abap Instance? Answer : When you call a function module, an instance of its function group plus its data, is loaded into the memory area of the internal session.

When you call a function module, an instance of its function group plus its data, is loaded into the memory area of the internal session. An ABAP program can load several instances by calling function modules from different function groups. Is This Answer Correct? Presentation layer, Application layer and Database layer. Difference between function group and function module? Function Groups act as containers for Function Modules that logically belong together. Function Groups 1 These cannot be defined in a Function Module.

What are domains and data element? It describes the value range of the field. Data Element: It is used to describe the semantic definition of the table fields like description the field. Data element describes how a field can be displayed to end-user. What is foreign key relationship? Foreign keys are used to ensure the consistency of data.

SAP ABAP Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers Pdf. 1. In ABAP What are the differences between table and structure in data dictionary? Answer: The.

SAP ABAP Interview Questions and Answers

Top 50 SAP ABAP Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers and Experienced

I really appreciate this wonderful post that you have provided for us. I assure this would be beneficial for most of the people. Definition of SAP. Post a comment. Analyze deeply concepts of Data Dictionary.

As per my experience good interviewers hardly plan to ask any particular question during your interview, normally questions start with some basic concept of the subject and later they continue based on further discussion and what you answer:. The Presentation layer consists of any input device that can be used to control SAP system. This could be a web browser, a mobile device and so on. All the central processing takes place in Application server. The Application server is not just one system in itself, but it can be multiple instances of the processing system.

SAP ABAP Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

Reports, Interfaces, Extensions, Forms and Workflows. To describe the logical structures of the objects that are used in application development ABAP 4 data dictionary is used.