An inspector calls key quotes and analysis pdf

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an inspector calls key quotes and analysis pdf

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An Inspector Calls - Quotes

The play begins in with a dinner at the Birling residence. Arthur leads a toast to the impending marriage of his daughter, Sheila, and his son-in-law-to-be, Gerald Croft. Sheila and Gerald tell one another, in front of the family at the dinner table, how lucky they are to be engaged. Gerald presents Sheila a ring, and Sheila vows to keep it in her possession forever. After dinner, the rest of the family leave and Arthur and Gerald speak privately while drinking port. Arthur tells Gerald that, based on his public service as Lord Mayor in the town of Brumley in the North Midlands , he believes the English government might soon offer him a knighthood. This is because the Birling family, though wealthy, does not have a title as the Croft family does.

An Inspector Calls

Taking the play from a socialist perspective inevitably focuses on issues of social class. The play implicitly draws out a significant contrast between the older and younger generations of Birlings. The younger generation is taking more responsibility, perhaps because they are more emotional and idealistic, but perhaps because Priestley is suggesting a more communally responsible socialist future for Britain. Though responsibility itself is a central theme of the play, the last act of the play provides a fascinating portrait of the way that people can let themselves off the hook. If one message of the play is that we must all care more thoroughly about the general welfare, it is clear that the message is not shared by all. By contrasting the older Birlings and Gerald with Sheila and Eric, Priestley explicitly draws out the difference between those who have accepted their responsibility and those who have not.

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One person and one line of inquiry at a time. Inspector: There are a lot of young women living that sort of existence, Miss Birling, in every city and big town in this country. Miss Birling has just been made to understand what she did to this girl. She feels responsible. You must have known what she was feeling. And you slammed the door in her face. This girl killed herself—and died a horrible death.

Inspector Calls Key Quotes and Analysis. This colour is the character/act reference, this is for stage directions, this is a quote, this is extra analysis, this is.

An Inspector Calls

The question asked throughout the play is: who is responsible for the suicide of Eva Smith? Who is to blame? The arc of the play follows the gradual spreading of responsibility, from Mr.

Then swap, using a different quote. Priestley believed a great deal in socialism and he used several of his plays to try and influence people to be Socialist as well. It was written in a time when Britain was ruled by a Labour government and socialist policies were seen as the way forward. Although there are a few. An Inspector Calls has six main characters.

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An Inspector Calls Key Quotes with Analysis English GCSE Grade 9

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