Monostable and astable multivibrator using 555 timer pdf creator

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monostable and astable multivibrator using 555 timer pdf creator

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Pulse Circuit.

Astable Multivibrator mode of timer IC is also called Free running or self-triggering mode. No external triggering is required in Astable mode , it automatically interchange its two states on a particular interval, hence generates a rectangular waveform. Astable mode works as a oscillator circuit , in which output oscillate at a particular frequency and generate pulses in rectangular wave form.

Waveform Generators and Non-linear Circuits

This automatic plant watering circuit can be used for automatically sensing soil humidity and triggering a water pump when the ground gets parched below a predetermined level adjustable. The circuit is rather straightforward and uses a single IC as the main active component. Referring to the automatic plant irrigation circuit shown below we can see the IC is wired in a completely unique and in the quickest possible mode. Here it's configured as a comparator , and works better than an opamp because the IC has built in opamps which are at par with any single opamp and also the output of a IC is able to sink sufficient current in order to drive a relay without a transistor driver stage. The above features particularly makes the above design very simple, low cost and yet too effective with its functions. The pin 2 here becomes the sensing pinout of the IC, and is held at ground level via R2 which must be calculated as per the desired soil humidity triggering threshold.

Understanding 555 Timer

It is Him that deserves all the thanks and praise. Also to my parents, for the solid foundation they have given to me. Usman N. I wish to acknowledge the support, encouragement and advice given to me by my loving family. My parents; 1m indepted to my late parents of blessed memory Alhaji and Mrs.


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A monostable multivibrator, as the name implies, has only one stable state. When the transistor conducts, the other remains in non-conducting state. A stable state is such a state where the transistor remains without being altered, unless disturbed by some external trigger pulse. As Monostable works on the same principle, it has another name called as One-shot Multivibrator. Two transistors Q 1 and Q 2 are connected in feedback to one another.

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