Fane loudspeaker enclosure design and construction pdf

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fane loudspeaker enclosure design and construction pdf

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TBH, by todays standards these are not the best designes and far better self build cabinet are now avaliable. New Posts.

Fane Loudspeaker Construction Book (Pages 01 11)

Alternatively, 18mm Medium Density Fibreboard MDF offers good acoustic properties with the advantage of being less expensive although heavier , and may be used where the cabinet will be permanently installed in a dry environment. Both materials accept any type of paint fi nish extremely well. The bracing panels are designed to ensure rigidity of construction, making the cabinet as free as possible from panel resonances caused by the internal forces generated by the loudspeaker drive unit and resulting in unwanted vibration and colouration of the sound. Again, these joints should be glued and screwed using the same method. We recommend the use of acoustic foam wadding. The recommended Fane crossover network components should be mounted as far away as practical from the magnets.

The Colossus 18XB is intended for use as a high-output sub-bass driver either singly or in multiway systems. The unit features a 4-inch voice coil immersed in a symmetric magnetic field and centralized by using two suspensions in a dual arrangement to maintain ultra linearity and stability at high excursions. The heavily ribbed straight-sided paper cone membrane is reinforced with highstrength composite fibres to resist deformation under extreme loads. This is due to advanced thermal management in the form of a vented die-cast chassis and motor system using an internal heatsink coupled to a large-vaned heatsink mounted on the rear of the unit. These measures effectively remove heat from the voice coil resulting in extremely low-power compression. The Colossus 18XB is designed for use in to litre ported enclosures. COOKIES: Our website uses cookies in order to provide a better online experience, this is essential for use of the shopping basket, and to login to our website.

Building speaker enclosures book pdf

User Name Stay logged in? Professional PA speaker plans - collection? I'm trying to garner ideas for a small speaker system I want to design and build in February. At the moment I'm looking around for professional speaker plans to get some inspiration, but I don't find too many. But like I said this is just collecting ideas and I will probably give in to something more reasonable and easier to build.

FANE loudspeaker enclosure design and construction

What supplies are needed? First, you obviously need your speaker drivers. These will determine the size of the box. They will also determine your basic budget, since most of the other costs are fixed. Next, you will need 1 or 2 sheets of mdf.

Way back when speakers needed efficient bins! This was a big rig ok, but not so many watts as you might think. Schematics and cabinet designs here are free and offered on the understanding that you do know what you are doing when you take the case apart, or when you put components together! If it blows up,..

Fane Loudspeaker Enclosure Design & Construction Book Speaker Band DJ PA System

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