Gear noise and vibration smith pdf

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gear noise and vibration smith pdf

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McFadden, P. July 1,

The Root Cause for Gear Noise Excitation

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Analysis on the Noise for the Different Gearboxes of the Heavy Truck

In recent years, acoustic emission AE sensors and AE-based techniques have been developed and tested for gearbox fault diagnosis. In general, AE-based techniques require much higher sampling rates than vibration analysis-based techniques for gearbox fault diagnosis. Therefore, it is questionable whether an AE-based technique would give a better or at least the same performance as the vibration analysis-based techniques using the same sampling rate. To answer the question, this paper presents a comparative study for gearbox tooth damage level diagnostics using AE and vibration measurements, the first known attempt to compare the gearbox fault diagnostic performance of AE- and vibration analysis-based approaches using the same sampling rate. Partial tooth cut faults are seeded in a gearbox test rig and experimentally tested in a laboratory. Results have shown that the AE-based approach has the potential to differentiate gear tooth damage levels in comparison with the vibration-based approach.

Downlod free this book, Learn from this free book and enhance your skills. Gear Noise And Vibration by J. Download Gear Noise And Vibration books, Based on over 40 years of consultation and teaching experience, Gear Noise and Vibration demonstrates logical gear noise and vibration approaches without the use of complex mathematics or lengthy computation methods. See the any books now and should you not have to learn, you can. Gear Noise and Vibration James D. Smith download B—OK. Derek Smith publication is one of your solutions to take.

Journal of Vibroengineering, Vol. Received 8 September ; received in revised form 17 December ; accepted 8 January ; published 15 February A rigid-flexible coupling multi-body dynamic model which contains the structure system and transmission system of gear device is developed taking account of the internal excitations such as the time-varying mesh stiffness, tooth backlash and bearing stiffness and the external torque and speed excitation. Then the dynamic meshing forces of gear pairs and bearing reaction forces are calculated based on the dynamic theory of multi-body system. Afterwards, a vibro-acoustic coupling model of the gear system is established by taking the frequency histories of bearing reaction forces as the boundary conditions, and then the surface sound pressure of gearbox and the radiation noise of outer sound field are calculated. In fact, the proposed model would provide a quicker approach to analyze the radiation noise of the gear system during the design phase. Finally, the radiation noise experimental study is performed on the experimental prototype to verify the rationality of the analysis.

Gear Noise And Vibration Smith Pdf

Edmundo Larenas int. E-mail: crimolin udec. El modelo es realizado en el dominio tiempo, y analizado en el dominio frecuencia mediante el uso de la transformada de Fourier.

In order to locate the excessive noise caused by gearbox noise when a heavy vehicle is accelerating, the noise and vibration on the key parts of the gearbox were tested and analyzed, and the peak noise frequency of radiating from the subbox of gearbox was found, which is the same as the peak frequency of pass-by noise. Aiming at the larger gear noise of the gearbox subbox, the experiments of pass-by noise by the two ways of the different speed-ratio gearbox, and the transformation of vice-box with helical gear, the pass-by noise was reduced by 5. Meanwhile, the effect of the different-ratio gearbox on the vehicle noise was analyzed. So, the methods provide a practical basis for the vehicle noise and the fault diagnosis of gearbox. The amount of vehicle noise is an important indicator on measuring the overall quality of vehicle, and reducing the pass-by noise is the key of vehicle noise control.

Though focused primarily on parallel-axes gearings, the following methods are also valid for gear pairs with intersected axes of rotation, as well as crossed-axes of rotation of the gears. T his article is about noise excitation and vibration generation in gear drives when the gear drives operate.


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