Percentage aptitude questions and answers pdf

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percentage aptitude questions and answers pdf

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Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand.

AllIndiaExams provides you lots of fully solved Aptitude Percentages questions and answers with explanation. Fully solved examples with detailed answer description. Here you can find both objective type and Multiple Choice Aptitude Percentages questions and answers for interview and entrance examination. True or false type questions are also provided here.

Percentage Questions for RRB Group D Set-2 PDF

Tags: No Tags on this question yet! Find the actual cost of an article? Percentage increase to be effected to bring the salary to the original level is. Method: 2 You can use directly formula i. The total population of a village is

120+ Percentage Questions With Solution Free PDF Download

Express the following as a fraction : 0. View Answer Explanation :. Express the following as a Decimal : 0. Express the following as rate percent What percent of 2 metric tones is 40 quintals?

For instance if a student scores 20 out of 25 , his score out of is given by multiplying the fraction by Thus any given ratio can be converted into percentage by multiplying the ratio with a hundred, and vice versa to convert percentage into decimal or fraction. Now we will look at the Concept of Percentage change. There are two changes when a quantity gets modified. They are:. Actual change ii. Percentage change.

Quantitative Aptitude Questions and Answers contains concepts and test papers on many topics such as average, numbers, compound interests, partnership, problem on ages, calendar, boats and streams, clock, height and distance, percentage, pipes and cisterns, profit and loss, speed, time and distance, simple interest, problem on trains, time and work, etc. After 6 months Mohan joined as a partner by investing Rs. After one year they earned total profit Rs. What is share of Sohan in the profit? Apply formula:. If 20 years ago, the age of the mother was 10 times the age of the son, what is the present age of the mother? As per the question, the first day of the year was Monday, so the first day of the year must be two days after Monday.

Quantitative Aptitude Questions and Answers

Two students appeared at an examination. What are the marks obtained by them? The marks obtained by them are:.

Under this topic, questions of 5 to 7 marks are usually asked in the Bank Exam. Dear candidates, the competitive exam is coming very soon, here we have given the list of Expected Percentage Questions PDF. Percentage describes how many parts out of parts of a particular thing.

The Percentage problems are the basic methodology in the Numerical Ability section. These percentage problems are frequently asked in any levels of the difficulty in every competitive exam. Especially these questions are focused mainly on every bank examinations.

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