Biosensors fundamentals and applications pdf

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biosensors fundamentals and applications pdf

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Biosensors: Fundamentals and Applications

With the recent advancement of nanomaterials and nanostructured materials, the point-of-care biosensor devices have shown a potential growth to revolutionize the future personalized health care diagnostics and therapy practices. This chapter deals with the fundamentals of nanomaterials-based biosensors. The first chapter covers the brief details of nanotechnology with its types and an introduction to the synthesis of nanomaterials and their importance to construct transducers. The different components of transducers such as electrochemical, optical, piezoelectric, thermal, surface plasmon resonance, and so on for biosensors have been explained in this chapter. Various principles utilized for development of enzymatic biosensors, immunosensors, DNA, and whole-cell biosensors have been included in this chapter. Immobilization of bioreceptors is a crucial step to fabricate biosensors and their stepwise demonstration and conjugation of nanomaterials with nanomaterials have been described. Nanomaterials have recently aroused much interest due to the increased need for control of desired molecules present in the human body and environment [1] , [2].


An introduction to the field of biosensors and an in-depth and quantitative view of device design and performance analysis. An overview of the current state of the art to enable continuation into advanced biosensor work and design. Topics emphasize biomedical, bioprocessing, environmental, food safety, and biosecurity applications. Credit Hours: 3. Description: An introduction to the field of biosensors and an in-depth and quantitative view of device design and performance analysis. Topics Covered:.

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Explore a preview version of Chemical Sensors and Biosensors: Fundamentals and Applications right now. This is a modern introductory book on sensors, combining underlying theory with bang up to date topics such as nanotechnology. The text is suitable for graduate students and research scientists with little background in analytical chemistry. It is user-friendly, with an accessible theoretical approach of the basic principles, and references for further reading. The book covers up-to-date advances in the sensor field, e.

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