Drilling oil and gas field development techniques pdf

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drilling oil and gas field development techniques pdf

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Any variation in each one of the elements that make up the scenarios of the field development plan, including production forecasts , facilities, wells, etc. Cayros Group Corp. Suite

The Development Process

Crude oils and natural gases are mixtures of hydrocarbon molecules organic compounds of carbon and hydrogen atoms containing from 1 to 60 carbon atoms. The properties of these hydrocarbons depend on the number and arrangement of the carbon and hydrogen atoms in their molecules. The basic hydrocarbon molecule is 1 carbon atom linked with 4 hydrogen atoms methane. All other variations of petroleum hydrocarbons evolve from this molecule. Hydrocarbons containing up to 4 carbon atoms are usually gases; those with 5 to 19 carbon atoms are usually liquids; and those with 20 or more are solids. In addition to hydrocarbons, crude oils and natural gases contain sulphur, nitrogen and oxygen compounds together with trace quantities of metals and other elements.

Nong Yao recently commenced production following a successful development drilling campaign, which was extremely challenging due to subsurface uncertainties. The subsurface team adopted an innovative method of well sequencing and optimization of targets, such that every well drilled is used to de-risk other wells, in order to avoid costly additional appraisal drilling. A field development plan was developed that could achieve additional appraisal objectives, and in doing so, de-risk other wells as the development was executed. Uncertainties that the team sought to mitigate included structural uncertainty due to shallow gas effects , fluid contacts and fluid type uncertainty, sand distribution and connectivity uncertainty and also uncertainty in the aquifer extent and degree of pressure support expected. This information was gathered by planning deeper high deviation development wells with complex 3D trajectories, that could intersect multiple reservoir sands and provide the formation evaluation and well landing points for later horizontal development wells in shallower reservoirs.

The paper reports the main outcome of theoretical research, engineering development, and industrial design efforts to elaborate and implement a complex of technological solutions, equipment, and advanced materials for the purpose of improving efficiency of drilling operations. The authors substantiate a rise in oil and gas production by recovering inactive wells, drilling slant and horizontal boreholes, reducting drilling costs. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve. Karp, I. Google Scholar. Kuntsyak, Ya.

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Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. Drilling is a key technology in several applications of strategic or societal importance, including. Drilling is the primary tool for extracting petroleum from rocks in the subsurface. Improvements in drilling technology that lower drilling costs and increase the rate of success in finding and extracting petroleum will have a direct benefit to the United States in terms of higher energy reserves, stable energy costs, and improved economic competitiveness in the drilling and service industries, which are increasingly global in character.

Feasibility analysis of the development of an oil field: a real options approach in a production sharing agreement. The aim of this research is to analyze the feasibility of developing a real oil field in Africa under a production sharing agreement, through the application of the real options theory. The research was conducted according to the principles of modeling and simulation, based on a structure that consists of three phases, in order to facilitate project feasibility analysis. Initially, according to the traditional method, we suggest that the decision-maker does not invest in the development of the field. However, by incorporating uncertainty into the decision-making process, other results were obtained. Although reduced, we attested that there is a likelihood of feasibility. Next, by using the binomial model to represent the process of oil barrel price diffusion, the asset value is calculated considering the flexibility of delaying the development of the field.

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PDF | On Oct 1, , Martin Vilela and others published Building the Field Development Conference: Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition successful drilling campaign in the development This case study outlines the techniques used to model the Williams Production RMT Grand Valley gas gathering.

Petroleum resources remain very important to the economic growth of several nations of the world even as oil price fluctuates in the current market today. The huge cost of exploration and exploitation of these resources makes it necessary for the attainment of high level of certainty in the methods adopted for its detection, quantification, planning and production. Mapping the right reservoir, understanding of reservoir characteristics most importantly; porosity, permeability, water saturation, thickness, and area extent of the reservoir, being able to reduce the uncertainties in these properties, making the right decision on when to inject water into the reservoir, where to locate these injectors and planning of where to drill new wells are very important factors that helps to determine the hydrocarbon reserves, cost of production and the degree of exploitation success rate and thus, needs to be treated with high level of certainty. This research work was, therefore, aimed at integrating several disciplines Geologist, Reservoir Engineer, Well Engineer and Petroleum Economist to carry out a detailed Field Development Plan FDP analysis for the reservoir in other to determine its success rate and economic viability.

Well development occurs after exploration has located an economically recoverable field, and involves the construction of one or more wells from the beginning called spudding to either abandonment if no hydrocarbons are found, or to well completion if hydrocarbons are found in sufficient quantities. Production is the process of extracting the hydrocarbons and separating the mixture of liquid hydrocarbons, gas, water, and solids, removing the constituents that are non-saleable, and selling the liquid hydrocarbons and gas. Production sites often handle crude oil from more than one well. Oil is nearly always processed at a refinery; natural gas may be processed to remove impurities either in the field or at a natural gas processing plant. Finally, site abandonment involves plugging the well s and restoring the site when a recently-drilled well lacks the potential to produce economic quantities of oil or gas, or when a production well is no longer economically viable.

An oil well is a boring in the Earth that is designed to bring petroleum oil hydrocarbons to the surface. Usually some natural gas is released as associated petroleum gas along with the oil. A well that is designed to produce only gas may be termed a gas well. The earliest known oil wells were drilled in China in CE. By the 10th century, extensive bamboo pipelines connected oil wells with salt springs.

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Field Reports for onshore oil and gas fields and for cessation of production. In reviewing Field Development Plans, the Department's overall aim is to maximise the A summary of the alternative recovery techniques considered and the reasons both the development drilling and production phases should be outlined.

The Basic Process

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