Digital elevation model technologies and applications pdf

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digital elevation model technologies and applications pdf

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Stankevich, Massimo Menenti. AIMS Geosciences, , 6 2 : Article views PDF downloads Cited by 0. AIMS Geosciences , , 6 2 : Previous Article Next Article.

The Right Elevation Model for all Your Project Needs

A digital elevation model DEM is a 3D computer graphics representation of elevation data to represent terrain , commonly of a planet e. Earth , moon , or asteroid. A "global DEM" refers to a discrete global grid. DEMs are used often in geographic information systems , and are the most common basis for digitally produced relief maps. While a digital surface model DSM may be useful for landscape modeling , city modeling and visualization applications, a digital terrain model DTM is often required for flood or drainage modeling, land-use studies , [1] geological applications, and other applications, [2] and in planetary science.

When Digital Elevation Model Technologies and Applications: The DEM Users Manual, 2 nd Edition was published in , topographic lidar was a new and emerging technology that had produced data according to many different specifications and formats for a relatively small portion of America. The long wait for the 3rd edition is over, and it was worth the wait. The 3rd edition includes 15 chapters and three appendices. References in the e-book version are hyperlinked for simple recovery. The chapters and appendices are:. This book is your guide to 3-D elevation technologies, products, and applications. It will guide you through the inception and implementation of the U.

David F. Maune, PhD, CP and. Amar Nayegandhi, CP, CMS. Digital Elevation Model. Technologies and Applications: The DEM Users Manual.

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A digital elevation model DEM is a digital representation of ground surface topography or terrain. It is also widely known as a digital terrain model DTM. While the term can be used for any representation of terrain as GIS data, it is generally restricted to the use of a raster grid of elevation values. DEMs are commonly built using remote sensing techniques, but they may also be built from land surveying.

The Need for a High-Accuracy, Open-Access Global DEM

Digital elevation models DEM are recognized as a core spatial dataset required for many environmental applications. However, the availability of comprehensive DEMs for water resources studies is rather limited and limitations of current, free or open-access DEMs are well-known. For instance, SRTM mission requirements defined absolute and relative elevation errors of 16 and 6 m, respectively Rabus et al. Even though several studies have found actual errors to be considerably smaller than the requirements see e.

Digital Terrain Model. Digital description of the terrain surface using a set of heights over 2D points residing on a reference surface. A Digital Terrain Model DTM approximates a part or the whole of the continuous terrain surface by a set of discrete points with unique height values over 2D points. Heights are in approximation vertical distances between terrain points and some reference surface e. Mostly arranged in terms of regular grids, the 2D points are typically given as geodetic coordinates latitude and longitude , or planar coordinates North and East values. DTMs usually assign a single unique height value to each 2D point, so cannot describe vertical terrain features e.


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