Difference between preventive and predictive maintenance pdf

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difference between preventive and predictive maintenance pdf

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For a maintenance manager or supervisor, it is necessary to know the different types of maintenance. Preventive maintenance measures are planned and performed on equipment with the purpose of ensuring that failures do not occur and to lessen the consequences of breakdowns. A preventive maintenance plan is ideal when a maintenance manager can prevent any malfunction of their equipment or can predict and plan for this failure so it has the least possible impact.

Preventive maintenance vs predictive maintenance: Back to basics

It can be difficult to determine how often a machine should be taken offline to be serviced as well as weigh the risks of lost production time against those of a potential breakdown. Currently, most maintenance organizations are forced to handle this dilemma with a complicated balancing act between maximizing the useful life of a part and asset at the risk of machine downtime. Thankfully, the rise of new connected technologies can enable machines to maximize the useful life of machine components while also avoiding machine failure. Maintenance strategies traditionally fall into one of three categories, each with its own challenges and benefits:. Reactive maintenance describes the strategy of repairing parts or equipment only after the asset has broken down or been run to the point of failure.

Both are effective strategies for asset maintenance , but you need to understand the differences between the two and how they work together. In a preventive maintenance strategy, facilities managers perform systematic inspections of assets and execute routine maintenance to prevent unexpected equipment downtime or failure. Unlike reactive or corrective maintenance where service occurs after the asset has malfunctioned, preventive maintenance requires performing maintenance before anything malfunctions. Different types of preventive maintenance involve the use of different triggers to determine when to service the equipment. Here are a few examples of preventive maintenance:. Preventive maintenance is appropriate for assets that are mission-critical for day-to-day operations and are more likely to fail as they age. The extent of the maintenance required on any asset depends on utilization and environmental conditions.

Difference Between Preventive vs. Predictive Maintenance

For immediate assistance, please call us at Please call us at There are two common types of maintenance: predictive and preventive. Because they are somewhat similar, people tend to question the difference between the two. This helpful article helps define the difference between preventive and predictive maintenance and explains when your organization should be using one over the other.

Difference Between Preventive Maintenance vs Predictive Maintenance

Terminology and language are very important in industry. Preventive maintenance is a form of recurring maintenance used to prevent failures resulting in downtime. For example, every eight weeks a technician lubricates the bushings on the machine.

The theory behind preventive maintenance is to take regular steps to prevent problems before they occur. Preventive maintenance has several characteristics:. Essentially, preventive maintenance is a collection of best practices and averages that zeroes in on an identified interval that gives you the best odds of catching issues before they start. It continues to be practiced because it is highly effective for many organizations.

Preventive Maintenance : Preventive Maintenance, as name suggests, is a preventive action that is used to prevent any unexpected failure from occurring in future. Its main aim is to identify problems that are small at initial and can lead to major issue. After then, resolve it before major problem develops.

Preventive vs. Proactive Maintenance: What’s the Difference?

It is not uncommon for people to use the terms Preventive Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance interchangeably. Although they are similar in that they describe maintenance measures that are designed to address failures or operating problems from occurring, the ways with which these steps are planned and then executed are very different.

What is Predictive Maintenance?

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