Parts and function of compound microscope pdf

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parts and function of compound microscope pdf

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A compound microscope is a microscope that uses multiple lenses to enlarge the image of a sample. Typically, a compound microscope is used for viewing samples at high magnification 40 - x , which is achieved by the combined effect of two sets of lenses: the ocular lens in the eyepiece and the objective lenses close to the sample. Light is passed through the sample called transmitted light illumination. Larger objects need to be sliced to allow this to happen efficiently. Compound microscopes usually include exchangeable objective lenses with different magnifications e. These microscopes also include a condenser lens and iris diaphragm , which are important for regulating how light hits the sample.

Parts of Compound Microscope | Botany

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Historians credit the invention of the compound microscope to the Dutch spectacle is important to know the functions of each part. Eyepiece Lens: the lens at.

Working Principle and Parts of a Compound Microscope (with Diagrams)

Though modern microscopes can be high-tech, microscopes have existed for centuries — this brass optical microscope dates to , and was made in Munich, Germany. A microscope is an instrument that is used to magnify small objects. Some microscopes can even be used to observe an object at the cellular level, allowing scientists to see the shape of a cell , its nucleus, mitochondria , and other organelles. While the modern microscope has many parts, the most important pieces are its lenses. A simple light microscope manipulates how light enters the eye using a convex lens , where both sides of the lens are curved outwards.

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Parts of the compound microscope Fig. These include base or foot, pillar, arm, inclination joint, stage, clips, diaphragm, body tube, nose piece, coarse adjustment knob and fine adjustment knob. It is the basal, horse shoe-shaped structure. It provides support to all the remaining parts of the microscope. A joint at which the arm is attached to the pillar of the microscope is called inclination joint. It is used for tilting the microscope.

Read this article to learn about the working principle and parts of a compound microscope with diagrams! The most commonly used microscope for general purposes is the standard compound microscope. It magnifies the size of the object by a complex system of lens arrangement.

Typically, a compound microscope has one lens in the eyepiece, the part you look through. The eyepiece lens usually magnifies If there are two objective lenses, they are called the low-power and high-power objective lenses.


This is the first lens that helps to magnify the image. The smallest distance that can be distinguished between two points is called resolution. This part is the one on top where users view or look through the device; the eyepiece tube is the tube that connects the ocular lens to the device itself. The iris or diaphragm regulates the light that reaches the specimen for better view and analysis. This activity has been designed for use in homes and schools.

Historians credit the invention of the compound microscope to the Dutch spectacle maker, Zacharias Janssen, around the year The compound microscope uses lenses and light to enlarge the image and is also called an optical or light microscope vs. The simplest optical microscope is the magnifying glass and is good to about ten times 10X magnification. Basic parts of the microscope:. They are usually 10X or 15X power.


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