Companies and allied matters act 2004 nigeria pdf

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companies and allied matters act 2004 nigeria pdf

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This Act is a welcomed innovation into the Nigerian corporate and commercial business industry after 30 years of abiding by the repealed CAMA. The new Act is made of Sections, as opposed to the sections in the Act and is divided into 7 Part. Power of the Corporate Affairs Commission to any time before a certificate of incorporation is issued, withdraw or cancel a reserved name if it discovers that such name is identical with that by which a company in existence is already registered, or so nearly resembles it as to be likely to deceive under Section 31 3 CAMA. Power of the Minister to prescribe model Articles of Association and allowing for different model articles prescribed for different descriptions of companies.

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Major Gen. Before the passing into law of the new CAMA, businesses and companies were required to meet certain regulatory conditions before they can be registered to do business in Nigeria. Some of these conditions create unnecessary bottlenecks for some business owners, delaying registration of their businesses, or worst-case scenario unable to regist er the business. Larger companies also have their challenges as a result of lacunas in the repealed Act. The good news is that some of these unfavorable conditions have been eased off to encourage SMEs to do business in Nigeria and also facilitate the smooth running of larger private and public companies in Nigeria. We will be discussing these improved provisions in this article. This means that before a company can be incorporated, it must have at least two 2 or more founding members and must not be less than the age of 18 years as provided for in S.

N33,, being training allowance the Claimants are entitled to. The Application is brought on the ground that: a The complaint is invalid and therefore incompetent; b Service on the 1st Defendant is improper and therefore defective. Counsel for the applicant formulated 2 issues for determination viz: a Whether by the provisions of CAMA and relevant judicial authorities, service on the Owerri Branch Office of a Statutory body such as the 1st defendant is proper service on the 1st Defendant. She relied on the case of NEPA vs. Vs Unical 9 NWLR pt pg and argued that it is bad and ineffective to serve the document at any branch office. On the 2nd issue, counsel argued that there ought to have been an endorsement on the complaint, indicating that it is to be served outside jurisdiction, she relied on the provisions of Section 97 of the Sheriffs and Civil Process Act and submitted that in the absence of such an endorsement, the complaint is fundamentally effective and therefore affects the competence of this court, and renders the complaint invalid.

Partnership, etc. Limitation of liability to contribute to share capital if memorandum, etc. Exempted foreign company to have status of unregistered company. Division of powers between general meeting and board of directors. Acts of general meeting, board of directors, or of managing directors.

impacts of the company and allied matters Act in nigeria

Mondaq uses cookies on this website. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies as set out in our Privacy Policy. The Bill which seeks to repeal and re-enact the existing Act, the Companies and Allied Matters Act, , is aimed at addressing the shortcomings of the said existing Act, and when assented to by the President, is expected to promote the ease of doing business in Nigeria. A single person can form a private company under Nigerian laws. The requirement of a minimum of two persons is no longer applicable as it relates to private companies;.

(CAP C20, LFN ). AND LFN ). AND ENACT THE COMPANIES AND ALLIED MATTERS ACT, TO PROVIDE FOR THE INCORPORATION (f) one representative of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, appointed by the.


Many believe the reform will tone down regulatory hurdles and ease the business environment to stimulate growth, claiming business in the country has been simplified and investors will have more confidence doing business in Nigeria. The new CAMA has other reforms to make it easier and cheaper for small and medium-size enterprises. The resultant effect will be that a pattern of hitherto unparalleled growth and development has emerged on the corporate horizon with Nigerians bracing up to the task. The new CAMA provides for remote or virtual general meetings : provided that such meetings are conducted in accordance with the Articles of Association of the Company, which contains the rules and regulations guiding the internal management of a company. This will facilitate participation from any location at minimal costs.

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This paper which is Part 1 of 2 seeks to explore the development and implementation of good corporate governance in the financial services industry in Nigeria. The paper reflects upon the identification of current problems and official legislative responses in Nigeria and tests the policy and theory against actual responses and practices. In other words, do the said statutes contain sufficient provisions and sanctions to ensure effective performance by Boards of insurance companies in Nigeria? While this research paper may not claim to fill this gap completely, it is hoped that it will create sufficient awareness to serve as a springboard for effective entrenchment and enforcement of corporate governance practices in the Nigerian financial services industry including insurance in particular and the economy in general. Ogbuozobe, F. Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Report bugs here.

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Nigeria: A Review Of The Companies And Allied Matters Act (Cama), (​Repeal And Re-Enactment) Bill, 05 March by Solola & Akpana. Solola &.

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