Powder metallurgy science technology and applications pdf

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powder metallurgy science technology and applications pdf

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Powder Metallurgy discusses the production of metal powders and other materials made from it. It defines the meaning of metal powders with some illustrations.

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Powder metallurgy PM is a popular metal forming technology used to produce dense and precision components. Different powder and component forming routes can be used to create an end product with specific properties for a particular application or industry. Advances in powder metallurgy explores a range of materials and techniques used for powder metallurgy and the use of this technology across a variety of application areas. Part one discusses the forming and shaping of metal powders and includes chapters on atomisation techniques, electrolysis and plasma synthesis of metallic nanopowders. Part two goes on to highlight specific materials and their properties including advanced powdered steel alloys, porous metals and titanium alloys. Part three reviews the manufacture and densification of PM components and explores joining techniques, process optimisation in powder component manufacturing and non-destructive evaluation of PM parts.

Buy Powder Metallurgy: Science,Technology And Applications PDF Online. Download Free Sample PDF by ANGELO, P.C., SUBRAMANIAN, R. and Get Upto.

Powder metallurgy science

Save extra with 2 Offers. About The Book Powder Metallurgy Book Summary: This textbook is written primarily for undergraduate and postgraduate students of metallurgical and materials engineering to provide them with an insight into the emerging technology of powder metallurgy as an alternative route to conventional metal processing. It will also be useful to students of materials science, mechanical engineering and production engineering to understand and appreciate the importance of powder metallurgy as an effective and profitable material processing route to produce a variety of products for engineering industries. The book will enable the students as well as practising engineers to understand and practise the science and technology of powder production and processing, as well as to choose the right method to suit the application in hand. The various techniques used for powder production and the versatile nature of these techniques to produce a wide range of powders have been highlighted with suitable examples.


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Powder Metallurgy. Science, Technology and Applications. P.C. Angelo R. Subramanian


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