Tourism in bangladesh problems and prospects pdf

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tourism in bangladesh problems and prospects pdf

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Bangladesh is a land of diverse forest-based natural attractions throughout the evergreen, semi-evergreen, and mangrove forest ecosystems. The article attempts at exploring various dimensions of ecotourism industry and critically analyzes the relationship among the stakeholders, overall strength-weakness of ecotourism sector and impediments hindering its development. National Parks, Ecoparks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Game Reserves, and the like have been developed in the natural forest ecosystems to attract tourists from home and abroad.

Top PDF Forest based Tourism in Bangladesh: Status, Problems and Prospects

Bangladesh's tourist attractions include historical monuments, resorts, beaches, picnic spots, forests and tribal people, wildlife of various species. Activities for tourists include angling , water skiing , river cruising, hiking, rowing , yachting , and sea bathing. In the northern part, comprising the Rajshahi division, there are archaeological sites, including the temple city Puthia in Rajshahi; the largest and most ancient archaeological site, Mahasthangarh in Bogra ; the single largest Buddhist monastery, Paharpur in Naogaon ; the most ornamental terracota Hindu temple, Kantaji Temple , and many rajbaris or palaces of old zamindars. In the south-eastern part, which is the Chittagong Division , there are natural and hilly areas like Chittagong Hill Tracts , along with sandy sea beaches. The most notable beach, in Cox's Bazar , is a contender for the title of longest unbroken sandy sea beach in the world.

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The concept of rural tourism can revitalize the conventional concepts of tourism, and bring socio-economic and environmental well-being of the rural community ensuring sustainable development of a particular country. The aim of this paper is to identify the prospects and problems of rural community-based tourism development in Bangladesh. Rural tourism is one of the most promising tourism sectors in Bangladesh. It can bring economic, social and environmental benefits to the community people. Development of the rural tourism will have a significant impact on the GDP and employment opportunities for them who are involved in its development process. This paper finds out some barriers of rural community-based tourism development and provides some suggestions to overcome those challenges.

Forest-based Tourism in Bangladesh: Status, Problems and Prospects

Despite having all the potential to flourish, tourism in this country has been growing at a very slow pace. Bangladesh is not known as a tourist destination in the international tourism market. Only 3 lacs foreign tourists came to Bangladesh in , of which more than 70 percent came for business and official purposes. The sector got recognition as an industry in But it never received attention from the government to become a vibrant industry. Whereas many countries which started much later than Bangladesh, for example — Maldives, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos PDR — have developed their tourism industry much faster than this country. In Bangladesh received , tourists and Cambodia received only 96, tourists.

Tourism in Bangladesh : Problems and Prospects.

Show all documents There are varieties cane consisting of 13 species in the world. Out of the 13 species only two viz. Calamus Jali bet and Daemonorops golla bet grow in Bangladesh. High quality cane is also produced in Comilla, Bogra, Jessore and Rajshah.

Problems and prospects of leather industry in bangladesh pdf free download. Leather industry leather, leather products, and footwear is the second export earning sector of Bangladesh which is scrambling to implement SSCM in its working cycle. Because of its high value addition and huge growth and employment opportunities, leather sector has already been declared a thrust sector of the country. For the leather industry, the Bangladesh college of Leather Technology and different district level polytechnic institutes provide technical education. These institutes also provide assistance for industrialization byFile Size: 80KB.

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Problems and Prospects of Tourism Industry at Sylhet Region in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is endowed with an immense treasure of natural beauty and relics of old and middle age civilisation which can attract foreign tourists. To observe the beauty of nature, a large number of domestic and foreign tourists visit the country and its tourist attraction sites. In , around six-lakh tourists came to Bangladesh to visit and enjoy its beauty. Due to some limitations, Bangladesh has failed to introduce itself as a tourist destination. It is worthwhile to focus on the attractive tourist spots of Bangladesh and the contribution of tourism to the Bangladesh economy. The major concern is to highlight the factors by which Bangladesh can be one of the major tourist destinations in the world in near future. Tourism is a travel for personal adventure or family leisure or for religious or business purposes, usually for a limited duration.

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Despite having all the potential to flourish, tourism in this country has been growing at a very slow pace. Bangladesh is endowed with an.

Problems And Prospects Of Tourism Paper


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