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what kinship is and is not pdf

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This paper examines social networks in cross-national comparison, especially the assumption that in modern societies kin ties are loosening while non-kin ties are gaining importance in people's social networks. This assumption can be held only for the Northwest-European cultural area and the New World-countries descending from them. Americans and Australians have gone further in the loosening of kin ties than Britons, Germans and Austrians.

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But this of course is not just a work of synthesis; it is also an original, brilliant, and, above all, creative contribution to current debates in the discipline. Anthropology: Cultural and Social Anthropology. You may purchase this title at these fine bookstores. Outside the USA, see our international sales information. University of Chicago Press: E.

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Chicago: University of Chicago Press, Marshall Sahlins is one of the great names of modern anthropology, but thus far he has not counted as one of the key figures in the study of kinship. But his earlier and the present text both show that Sahlins is knowledgeable about kinship and entirely capable of contributing something new to debates concerning it. The second chapter is evidently new to this book. A corollary of this is that kinship is not the post-birth cultural creation on the basis of biological facts that it is often taken to be, but that it pre-exists the birth, through, for example, notions of ancestry, the circulation of the substances of previously living kin, or the mere circumstance that the parents of a fetus are typically already related through their marriage, and possibly through the marriages of others e. Nonetheless, what comes through is an original synthesis of already published material Sahlins only occasionally refers to his own fieldwork here , on which the equally original argument outlined above is based. He has clearly ransacked the most recent literature in the search for relevant ethnography, though he also finds support for his argument in some of the older literature, going back to Tylor in , and even to Plato.

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A new approach to kinship studies. (Met 9 figuren)

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