Role of pharmacist in community health care and education pdf

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role of pharmacist in community health care and education pdf

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Health system refers to all organizations, people, and activities whose primary purpose is to promote, restore, and maintain health. Good governance of health systems is therefore important to ensure the delivery of essential health services to all, whenever they are needed. As medicine experts, pharmacists hold the responsibility to deliver effective, safe , and quality medicines and services to achieve optimal health outcomes. In fact, involving patients in the health care decision-making process has shown greater satisfaction and reduced complaints to offered services. Given the paradigm shift from a product-oriented to a patient-centered p harmacy service, putting the interes ts of patients and treating them with dignity is a must. As one of the most-accessible health care professionals, pharmacists are involved in health screening and surveillance programs - checking immunization status and detecting potential public health hazards. With reliable and timely health information, pharmacists support the development of the public health system and collectively reduce vulnerability to public health threats.

Community pharmacists’ contribution to public health: assessing the global evidence base

The main determinants of health include non-modifiable factors e. Since these determinants were identified, there has been increased awareness of health as a global issue [3]. Based on the FPH definition, public health is seen as population based; is focused on a collective responsibility for health, health protection and disease prevention; recognises the important role of the state, along with socio-economic and wider determinants of health; and stresses partnerships with all those whose actions contribute to the health of the population [4]. The FPH recognises three key domains of public health practice: health improvement, improving services and health protection. According to the WHO, activities that enhance public health capacities and services provide conditions that enable individuals to continue to be healthy, improve their wellbeing, or prevent the worsening of their health [5]. Therefore, public health focuses on the entire spectrum of health and wellbeing, not just the eradication of specific diseases [5].

The Journal of Community Health Management, January-March ;3(1) 37 Different roles of Pharmacist in different sectors of pharmacy profession like Industrial, academic s, community Education concerning prevailing health.

Role of Pharmacist in Health Care System

Primary health care pharmacists and vision for community pharmacy and pharmacists in Chile. Santiago de Chile Chile. Ultimo, NSW Australia.

Community Pharmacists Play Key Role in Improving Medication Safety

As trusted community health advisors, pharmacists can promote the safe use of medications and improve clinical outcomes. Americans rely on prescriptions to manage their health issues. In fact, according to health care market intelligence from IMS Health, prescription sales in grew by 5. Sadly, it appears that adverse interactions, medication overuse, and errors are a perennial problem.

Statement of the Problem The pharmacist's role is expanding beyond the traditional product-oriented functions of dispensing and distributing medicines and health supplies. The pharmacist's services of today include more patient-oriented, administrative and public health functions. There are many functions of public health that can benefit from pharmacists' unique expertise that may include pharmacotherapy, access to care, and prevention services. The pharmacist's centralized placement in the community and clinical expertise are invaluable.

Community pharmacist can play significant role in assuring adequate nutrition by advising his patients about basic food needs, keeping to correct improper food habits in children, advising on special requirements, suggesting special diet instructions for diabetic patients and people with food allergy and participating.

The Role of the Pharmacist in Public Health

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Pharmacists , also known as chemists Commonwealth English or druggists North American and, archaically, Commonwealth English , are health professionals who focus on the safe and effective use of medications , as they have expertise in the composition , effects, metabolism , mechanism of action and proper usage of drugs. Using knowledge of the mechanism of action of drugs, the pharmacist understands how they should be used to achieve maximum benefit, minimal side effects and to avoid drug interactions. This is mated to anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology. Pharmacists interpret and communicate this specialized knowledge to patients, physicians , and other health care providers. Among other licensing requirements, different countries require pharmacists to hold either a Bachelor of Pharmacy , Master of Pharmacy , or Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

Javascript is currently disabled in your browser. Several features of this site will not function whilst javascript is disabled. Received 30 April Published 19 July Volume Pages — Review by Single anonymous peer review. Editor who approved publication: Professor Jonathan Ling. Materials and methods: A self-administered questionnaire based-survey was undertaken from January to March, with pharmacists working in community pharmacies in six cities of Amhara regional state of Ethiopia: Debre Markos, Gondar, Dessie, Bahir Dar, Woldya, and Debre Birhan.

Role of Pharmacist in Health Care System