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facility planning and design pdf

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As the food service outlet varies, the type of services provided and also the food production process also varies. The designing of the sitting area of restaurant depends on the type of restaurant.


As the food service outlet varies, the type of services provided and also the food production process also varies. The designing of the sitting area of restaurant depends on the type of restaurant. For example, if the restaurant is only for breakfast buffet, then the sitting arrangements needs to be centred around or near the buffet table for easy access by the customers.

While designing the guest sitting area one needs to choose the correct furnishing and furnitures. The guest sitting area should provide some form of privacy to each guest table and at the same time have optimum utilisation of space.

Each table should be easily accessible by the serving staff and thus save on serving time. The ambience of the restaurant contributes towards the customer satisfaction. Soft music, if played completes the relaxed ambience and environment. Air conditioning, though not a must a few years back, has now become a necessity so as to provide clean and cool air to the guests. This would mean both dry storage and refrigerated storage area. Storage area is also dependent on the type of restaurant.

For example, a speciality restaurant may require some special storage facilities for the ingredients. The production area has hot food and cold food area wherein main courses, soups and salads and other refrigerated food is prepared, respectively.

The restaurant design must have an Office Area and Employees Area. The office area would be used to keep the record of various transactions both with the suppliers and the consumers. The employees need an area to change into work clothes and also an area to rest during breaks.

Poor arrangement of equipment may create food safety or health hazards, as well as impact the economic viability of your operation. Good planning should allow for a smooth and orderly flow of food from storage through preparation to serving, and for the return of soiled dishes and utensils to the dishwashing area.

Consultants, as well as some food equipment dealers and architects, are able to supply advice and assistance in preparing plans and developing layouts. Food Safety Specialists can also provide assistance.

This includes food preparation; storage and service areas; washrooms; and locker areas. Equipment List all planned equipment. Canopies are to be equipped with approved filters. These must be conveniently located to facilitate hand washing. Washrooms and toilet rooms should not open directly into any room where food is prepared. This sink must be suitably sized and located in the janitorial area. This space must be separate from food preparation and food storage areas. Menus Provide a sample menu for your establishment.

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Skip to content. Toggle navigation. Author : Matthew P. The book takes a practical, hands-on, project-oriented approach to exploring the techniques and procedures for developing an efficient facility layout. It also introduces state-of-the-art tools including computer simulation. Access to Layout-iQ workspace planning software is included for purchasers of the book.

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The provision of a sport or recreation facility can significantly enhance the quality of life. Activities held within sport and recreation facilities can encourage participation, promote health and wellbeing and foster a sense of community. However, planning a sport or recreation facility is an involved and sometimes difficult task. It identifies the stages involved in the facility planning process, the key principles of facility provision, highlights the benefits of joint and shared facilities, identifies sources of capital funding and references various facility planning resources. This quick guide is a summary of the topic of facility planning for sport and recreation planning. The contents should not be used or relied upon as a substitute for professional advice.

Facility planning and design : for health, physical activity, recreation, and sport

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