Pharmacokinetics exam questions and answers pdf

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pharmacokinetics exam questions and answers pdf

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Pharmacokinetics, sometimes described as what the body does to a drug, refers to the movement of drug into, through, and out of the body—the time course of its absorption , bioavailability , distribution , metabolism , and excretion.

Chapter 1: Multiple choice questions

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Nursing Pharmacology Practice Questions & Test Bank for NCLEX (500+ Questions)

This is a self-grading exam. Answers are entered by clicking the button corresponding to your selection. The examination is scored by clicking 'Grade Test' at the bottom of the form. Correct answers are found through hyperlinks at the bottom of the page. B drug taken orally may cause emesis C drug taken orally may be destroyed by gastric acidity D drug taken orally may be metabolized by gastrointestinal flora E drug taken orally may be in consistently absorbed due to the presence of food.

The goal of this quiz is to help nursing students review concepts of nursing pharmacology and provide an alternative to Quizlet or ATI. In this section are the practice problems and questions for nursing pharmacology. Nursing topics included are medication administration, dosage calculations, general concepts about nursing pharmacology, cardiovascular drugs, antibiotics and anti-infectives, neurological medications, psychiatric medications, drugs for the respiratory system , gastrointestinal system , and endocrine system. All questions on this set are updated to give you the most challenging questions, along with insightful rationales to reinforce learning. Welcome to your first set of nursing pharmacology practice questions. This question NCLEX practice quiz covers different nursing pharmacology topics but mostly anti-infectives, antibiotics, and topical agents. Quiz complete.

Final Exam. Fall Please transfer the answers onto the bubble sheet. Question 1: Select the correct statement(s) concerning a two-compartment body model. (10 pts) We often use one compartment model pharmacokinetics, although.

Self-Assessment Answers: Obstetric Pharmacology

Question 1: Plasma volume, total body water, cardiac output and renal glomerular filtration rate all go up in pregnancy by what percentage? Question 2: These increases in plasma volume, total body water, cardiac output and GFR peak early in the second trimester and then return to normal by delivery. Question 3: Penicillins and cephalosporins are renally cleared, but the increases in both renal clearance and volume of distribution in pregnancy are not sufficient to support changes in dosing recommendations. Answer: False Studies have shown that standard non-pregnant dosing regimens do not produce adequate drug concentrations in either the maternal surgical sites or in the fetus to provide the necessary prophylaxis.

If your institution subscribes to this resource, and you don't have a MyAccess Profile, please contact your library's reference desk for information on how to gain access to this resource from off-campus. Please consult the latest official manual style if you have any questions regarding the format accuracy. Frequently Asked Questions, FAQs, are commonly asked questions to stimulate discussion and understanding of particular topics. Only a few of the FAQs at the ends of the chapters of this textbook are answered here. In some cases, an FAQ may have several answers that discuss the topic from different viewpoints.

This input may contain general guidance or clarify specific aspects of scientific guidelines. Information on absolute bioavailability is important in the overall evaluation of the pharmacokinetics of the drug substance. For some new chemical entities information on absolute bioavailability facilitates the evaluation of the mass balance study, and enables conclusions regarding the contribution of different elimination routes to drug clearance. This information is important when determining the need for studies in subjects with renal and hepatic impairment as well as the need for drug-drug interaction studies at biliary excretion level. The information is also useful when predicting the consequences of pre-systemic drug-drug interactions, both at absorption and metabolism level.

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Overview of Pharmacokinetics