Collection and presentation of data pdf

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collection and presentation of data pdf

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This works best for simple observations, such as: "When viewed by light microscopy, all of the cells appeared dead. There are BI reporting tools that have predictive analytics options already implemented within them, but also made user-friendly so that you don't need to calculate anything manually or perform the robust and advanced analysis yourself. Diagrams are attractive.

Statistical data presentation

Data Presentation forms an integral part of all academic studies, commercial, industrial and marketing activities as well as professional practices. Presentation requires skills and understanding of data. It is necessary to make use of collected data which is considered to be raw data. It must be processed to be used for any application. Data analysis helps in the interpretation of data and help take a decision or answer the research question. This can be done by using various Data processing tools and Softwares. Analysis starts with the collection, followed by processing.

Present Your Data Like a Pro

Primary sources of data include government offices, private organizations, establishments and recognized individuals who have first hand information about an event. Secondary sources of data may be obtained from sources like newspapers, journals, and magazines. Methods of Collecting Data Interview Method The researcher makes direct and personal contact with the interviewee. The researcher gathers data by asking the interviewee series of questions. Questionnaire Method distributes the questionnaire either personally or by mail and collects them by the same process. Registration Method method of collecting data is governed by our existing laws. Gathered from offices concerned, e.

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5 Data Presentation Hacks | Present data like a Pro!

The quickest way to confuse your audience is by sharing too many details at once. The only data points you should share are those that significantly support your point — and ideally, one point per chart. To avoid the debacle of sheepishly translating hard-to-see numbers and labels, rehearse your presentation with colleagues sitting as far away as the actual audience would. Give them the best chance of comprehending your data by using simple, clear, and complete language to identify X and Y axes, pie pieces, bars, and other diagrammatic elements. With so many ways to spin and distort information these days, a presentation needs to do more than simply share great ideas — it needs to support those ideas with credible data.

Data are usually collected in a raw format and thus the inherent information is difficult to understand. Therefore, raw data need to be summarized, processed, and analyzed. However, no matter how well manipulated, the information derived from the raw data should be presented in an effective format, otherwise, it would be a great loss for both authors and readers.

The digital image or photograph you are planning to use in a publication is not as clear as it could be. Is it okay to change the contrast of the parts you want to emphasise, or is this data fabrication or falsification? Working out how to interpret and then present your research material and data is probably the most creative aspect of research, but also an area where it is easiest to compromise integrity.

Chapter2 Collection Organization and Presentation of Data

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