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encyclopedia of forms and precedents pdf

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This collection is the leading source of non- contentious forms and precedents in terms of the breadth, depth and authority that is used in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents is the leading source of non- contentious Precedents in terms of the breadth, depth and authority of its content. It covers everything that both the specialist and generalist practitioner is likely to encounter, because you never know when you might need a clause handy. An encyclopaedic collection of an authoritative drafting tool is sure to be invaluable collection for every library. Make the most of your time, and never start a draft from scratch again with our comprehensive source of precedents. Complete precedents, alternative clauses and ancillary documentation such as model letters complemented with Concise commentaries on the law, practical checklists and procedural tables. Practical and user-friendly overviews of each subject area, explaining the purpose of individual forms, precedents and clauses and indicating where and when each should be used.

Coming Soon. More Information. The Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents is the leading source of non-contentious precedents in terms of the breadth and authority of its content. It covers everything that both the specialist and generalist practitioner is likely to encounter, offering access to an unrivalled collection of precedents covering all aspects of non-contentious work. The work is both user-friendly and practical. It is fully indexed and cross-referenced and contains concise commentaries on the law, practical checklists and procedural tables.

Precedent involves an earlier decision being followed in a later case because both cases are the same. Analogy involves an earlier decision being followed in a later case because the later case is similar to the earlier one. The law presents a useful context for considering these issues because its use of precedent and analogy is well articulated and explicit. This entry is organised into the following sections:. Arguments from precedent and analogy are characteristic of legal reasoning.

Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents

Call for help. If you have lost your password, you must set a new password. Please enter name of firm or registered email address, indicate whether you want to retrieve your firm's username or password, and click "Submit". Introduction The legal profession is essentially a rule-based discipline where the written law is the primary source. A good law library, therefore, is the lifeline of a legal practitioner as well as his indispensable workshop.

New Zealand Forms and Precedents is an online, modern precedents library precedents being best practice forms and legal documents for specific civil legal transactions developed by expert authors written specifically for New Zealand. It is encyclopaedic — in the sense that it provides information and reference of the majority of NZ civil law. It is designed to provide a precedent for every ordinary legal transaction and some extraordinary ones; those that are not simply academic or Court documents. The authors of each title are specialists in their field and use a modern drafting approach, making the precedents very user-friendly. For guidance on drafting a small chapter on modern drafting is included. An extensive range of titles is published with room to add more as necessity dictates.

Forms and Precedents is a well-established, trusted and comprehensive set of non-litigious forms and precedents, covering a wide range of topics relevant to the law practitioner across an extensive range of volumes. Precedents are drafted by experts in each field and are updated regularly, making them authoritative and reliable. Order Now. Mini-sets are available for a range of subject areas for those who want to access tailored material to suit specific needs. Copy and amend without having to retype entire documents.

Around 15, forms and precedents (including those for sale of land, landlord and tenant, commercial law, wills download a document to PDF, text or HTML.

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Users can also: - edit a Word version of a document - download a document to PDF, text or HTML - email a document - print a document Contributors are leading authorities in their fields? TEAM Editor in Chief : Lord Millett Contributing authors : over practising lawyers with practice area-specific expertise In-house legally qualified editorial team The team constantly monitor and respond to feedback from customers on the Customer Services helpline: contentsupport lexisnexis. As a minimum, this means 1 release per month. A release may include: A complete rewrite of material in a single title, including commentary and precedents Amended precedents only Information notes highlighting forthcoming changes The team review the material across the titles, and new developments in the law and practice are reflected in title rewrites or selective updating. Andrew was previously managing partner at Maples Teesdale where he had an extensive practice advising land owners, occupiers, investors and developers on a wide range of commercial and residential property issues.

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Precedent and Analogy in Legal Reasoning

Forms and Precedents

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