Rent control and recovery of premises law of lagos state pdf

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rent control and recovery of premises law of lagos state pdf

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The Lagos State Tenancy Law was formerly known as Rent control and recovery of residential premises law vol.

A Law to provide for the control of rent for residential accommodation, for recovery of possession of such accommodation and for matters connected therewith. Subject to the provisions of this Law rents chargeable for letting of residential accommodation described in Schedule 2 to this Law and existing in the zones referred to in the said Schedule shall not exceed the maximum prescribed in that Schedule. Where a Court is in any doubt as to any question of value on any matter before it and the Court is satisfied that it is necessary for the determination of any such matter, the Court shall obtain expert opinion on such matter from the Department of Lands. The Court shall have power to fix rent in respect of furnished accommodation, and in so doing, shall have regard to such things as the type, number, quality, and cost of the furniture in such accommodation.

The Rent Control & Recovery of Premises Law of Lagos State 1997

Mondaq uses cookies on this website. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies as set out in our Privacy Policy. Landlord is only liable for the structural and external repairs of the rental property, you are responsible for the internal repairs and minor wears and tears repairs. If you carry-out structural and external repairs on the property with the previous consent of the landlord in writing, you will be entitled to receive compensation from the landlord for the amount expended on such repairs. Some states have Rent Control Laws in place, but the provisions of such laws against arbitrary increase of property rent by landlords are usually not enforced in court. One of landlord's obligations is to ensure that the property is ready for possession by tenant on the agreed date. If the property is not ready, you can repudiate the agreement and write the landlord for a refund of rent.

Legal Alert for June, Continuing increase in population especially in the urban areas of Nigeria has lead to astronomical increase in the demand for affordable housing whilst the supply side remains for the most part underdeveloped and unable to meet growing demand. Attempts by the Nigerian government to increase investments in the real estate side of the Nigerian economy have remained unsuccessful as a result of the following factors:. Expensive, cumbersome and complicated land tenure and transfer of legal title in land procedures. Expensive cost of funds with high interest rates for construction and mortgages in comparison to the long term rentals expected by an investor in the real estate market. Rent control legalisation for the mass residential rental market. High rate of Tenants default in paying their rentals on schedule due in some cases to diminishing purchasing power.

Tenancy Law In Nigeria Pdf

Application of Law. Standard Rent. Advance rent. Appointment of part-time Magistrate. Establishment of Rent Tribunals. Jurisdiction of the Tribunals.

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The procedure for recovery of premises is regulated by statute. Thus a landlord for example, who seeks to recover his premises from his tenant must comply very strictly with the provisions of the statutes. There are various legislations governing recovery of possession of premises in the various States of the Federation which are similar except for minor variations. It should be noted that there is no Federal Law governing recovery of premises. One fundamental point to note about the Lagos State tenancy Law is that it is not of general application throughout Lagos State. By Section 1 2 of the Law, the Law does not apply to. It therefore follows that in the aforementioned cases and areas where the Tenancy Law does not apply, the relevant laws remain the Rent Control and Recovery of Residential Premises Edict No.

Publisher: [Lagos State, Nigeria]: Faculty of Law, University of Lagos, Edition/Format: Print book: Conference publication: English.

Rent Control Act Lagos State

Lagos State of Nigeria Tenancy Law No 14 of Law to Regulate rights and obligations under tenancy agreements and their relationship between the landlord and the Tenant including the procedure for the recovery of premises and for connected purposes. The aim is to state the law as it stands at present, and to identify any aspects which need to be modified in order to better serve the ends of Justice. In Nigeria, as in many other jurisdictions the general word on the street is that the law favours the tenants while the.

Recovery of Premises

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