Criminal rules and orders of calcutta high court pdf

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criminal rules and orders of calcutta high court pdf

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Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has original, appellate and advisory jurisdiction. Its exclusive original jurisdiction extends to any dispute between the Government of India and one or more States or between the Government of India and any State or States on one side and one or more States on the other or between two or more States, if and insofar as the dispute involves any question whether of law or of fact on which the existence or extent of a legal right depends.

List of High Court Judges

Home About Us. Empanelled Counsels Title. Title Download 1 Empanelment of Sh. Sandip Kumar and Sh. SGIs and engagement of 8 new Asst. SGIs : Order dated Courts: Order dated Rawat : Order dated Pleader for Delhi High court,Sr. Panel Counsel,Addl. Shyam Gopal, Advocate as Gr. Aditya Vikram Singh and Sh. B counsel for Supreme Court: Order dated PDF 52 Empanelment of Ms.

Anamika Agrawal as Gr. A Counsel for Supreme Court: Order dated PDF 54 Ms. Nupur Sharma, Gr. Counsel in Supreme Court Order for engagement of Govt.

Counsel in Supreme Court 71 Order for engagement of Govt. Rakesh Thapliyal, Asst. Counsel for High Court of Patna: Order dated Himanshu Malik to Central Govt. Sivashankar Panicher as Sr. Pleaders as Sr. Nidhi Banga, Advocate as Sr. Sutanu Chakraborty as Sr. Counsel Gr. Puneet Kaur Sekhon as Sr. Puneet kaur. Kaadambari, Advocate as Sr. Pleader for Delhi HC: Order dated Thiruvannamalai: Order dated Pleader for DHC: Order dated Shashikantha as Asst. Singh as Asst. SGI, Manipur: Order dated Chhaba, Asst.

SGI: Order dated Panel Counsel Sr. Order for CAT Patna dated Counsel in Delhi High Court and Distt. List Delhi High Court Addl. Standing Govt. Counsel in Distt. I in Bombay High Court dated GSC before in UP dated Anand Sharma as Sr. Vasudeva Rao as Sr. Central Governement Standing Counsel Addl.

Central Governement Standing Counsel Sr. Central Government Standing Counsel Sr. Title Download New Panel of Sr. Title Download Extension of term of Ms. Sangeeta Tiwari Dubey as Sr. Yuvraj Singh as Sr. Ranchi Jharkhand : Order dated Jaipur Metropolitan : Order dated PDF Empanelment of Mrs.

Standing Government Counsel Addl. Empanelment of Sh. New doc Feb 23, Empanelment of Smt. Clarification regarding Order No. Download The file 1. Download The file 9. Download The file 3. Extension of terms of 3 Asst. Acceptance of resignation of three panel counsel : Order dated Download The file Empanelment of Ms.

Acceptance of Resignation and deletion of name due to death of panel counsel for various courts: Order dated Acceptance of Resignation of two panel counsel and deletion of name of one panel counsel due to his death: Order dated Detailed procedure regarding engagement of counsel on behalf of UoI: OM dated Clarification regarding fee schedule for Special Counsel.

Extension of all counsels whose term expired after Extension of term of engagement. Empanelment of two advocates for Supreme Court of India: Order dated New doc Feb 25, Aditya GrC. Empanelment of sh. Download The file 6.

Empanelment of Shri Prashant Bhagwati as Gr. Empanelment of Shri Shashwat Parihar as Gr. Additional empanelment for Supreme Court of India: Order dated Empanelment of two Advocates As Gr. Additional panel for Supreme Court: Order dated SCI Searchable. Download The file 2. Empanelment for the Supreme Court of India: Order dated SC color.

Empanelment of three Advocates for Supreme Court: Order dated Shri Aviral Saxena as Gr. Special Counsel. Group A. Group B. Group C. Change of Group Panel of Sh. Up gradation of Counsels in Supreme Court panel.

Empanelled Counsels

JavaScript must be enabled in order for you to use the Site in standard view. However, it seems JavaScript is either disabled or not supported by your browser. To use standard view, enable JavaScript by changing your browser options, then try again. Hon'ble Mr. Justice Ashok A. Was President of Nagpur Bar Association. Was member of the Maharashtra Bar Council.

It is located in B. Bagh , Kolkata , West Bengal. Despite the name of the city having officially changed from Calcutta to Kolkata in , the Court, as an institution retained the old name. The bill to rename it as Kolkata High Court was approved by the Union Cabinet on 5 July along with the renaming of its two other counterparts in Chennai and Mumbai. Hence, the High Court still retains the old name. He assumed the charge when the court was founded on 1 July The neo-Gothic High Court building was constructed in , ten years after the establishment of the court itself.

Know more. Constituting the High Court of Judicature for the Bengal Division of the Presidency of Fort William, bearing date the fourteenth day of May in the twenty-fifth Year of the reign of Victoria in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-two. Recital of Act 24 and 25 Vic. Establishment of High Court at Fort William. Constitution and first Judges of the High Court. Declaration to be made by Judges.

Calcutta High Court

Order dated Justice Pratibha M. Singh in W. Permission to prefix academic title 'Dr. Order regarding temporary jail police housing complex adjoining mandoli jail and tihar jail delhi for extending remand of surrendering UTPs , Central District, Tis Hazari Courts, Delhi.

Home About Us. Empanelled Counsels Title. Title Download 1 Empanelment of Sh. Sandip Kumar and Sh.

Read More…. An Advocate of the Supreme Court intending to practise on the Original Side of this Court shall lodge with the Registrar, Original Side of this Court, a copy of the certificate of his enrolment in the Supreme Court, authenticated by the Registrar of that Court, stating whether the intending Advocate is a senior or other Advocate of the Supreme Court and shall also lodge with the Registrar his office address. Such office shall remain open on all working days during the usual office hours for receiving Notices, services, summonses and all communications.

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