Set builder notation and interval notation pdf

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set builder notation and interval notation pdf

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I use it to access their prior knowledge of inequalities or refresh their memory if necessary. Having a clear understanding of what the inequalities symbols mean, will help my students to achieve the goal of this lesson: to write the domain and range of a graph using set builder notation. I have students use two colored pencils for this activity. One color for domain and one color for range. Most of the students know that domain is what possible x's and the range is what possible y's.

Write each set of numbers in set-builder and interval notation, if possible

Using these worksheets and lessons, your students will learn how to understand terms and concepts related to set-builder and interval notation, and they will practice these skills by answering various questions related to the subject. Learn about the different terms related to interval notation, and practice writing expressions as intervals. Using the information provided, answer the questions regarding interval notation. Review interval notation by following the review steps, then practice using the questions provided below. Example: What is the difference between the number line graphs of these two intervals: [-7, 0] U 4, 8]? Answer each question regarding interval notation, and then check your answers and record your total score below.

The set of all even integers , expressed in set-builder notation. In set theory and its applications to logic , mathematics , and computer science , set-builder notation is a mathematical notation for describing a set by enumerating its elements , or stating the properties that its members must satisfy. Defining sets by properties is also known as set comprehension , set abstraction or as defining a set's intension. A set can be described directly by enumerating all of its elements between curly brackets, as in the following two examples:. This is sometimes called the "roster method" for specifying a set. When it is desired to denote a set that contains elements from a regular sequence, an ellipses notation may be employed, as shown in the next examples:.

Each of the students in the problem above used correct notation! However, Mrs. Glosser told them that there was another way to write this set:. Let's look at some more examples. Both the colon and the vertical line represent the words "such that". Let's look at these examples again.

Set-builder notation

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Inequalities set notation interval notation 1. Worksheets are math sets practice work answers mat work 1 interval notation section igcse mathematics sets sets and set operations igcse mathematics sets and set notation venn diagrams and set notation practice questions name math practice test 1 sets math sets practice work part 1 shade the region. Set and interval notation worksheet answers. Interval notation is a method of writing down a set of numbers. Write each of the following in set and interval notation.

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Math 3. Interval Notation and Set Builder Notation. Name: Kez. Name: Period: Date: Graph the inequality on the number line, then write the interval notation and​.

set builder notation

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