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arnold culture and anarchy pdf

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Culture and Anarchy is a controversial philosophical work written by the celebrated Victorian poet and critic Matthew Arnold. This includes a brief summary of the most important texts that were published by Matthew Arnold before Culture and Anarchy Summary by Sarah K. Arnold's famous piece of writing on culture established Abortion Definition Essay Rubric his High Victorian cultural agenda which remained dominant in debate from the s until the s The rapid transition to a Kantian culture is even more Contoh Cv Untuk Melamar Di Pln understandable if we consider the time period leading up to the Second World War. Culture looks beyond machinery, culture hates hatred; culture has one great passion, the passion for sweetness and light.

Culture and Anarchy. Reading Matthew Arnold Today II An online international conference

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Culture and Anarchy

It has been years since Matthew Arnold published his groundbreaking work, Culture and Anarchy. His essays in book form are not only a powerful critique of Victorian society and values but also of modern ones. In the wake of the Brexit phenomenon, Victorian cultural superiority and idealism are worth exploring. Despite the invocation of ethnocentrism e. The curtailment of the mechanic spirit would not only prevent unwarranted cultural uniformity but also provide the conditions for the continual improvement of the mind. Hence, it would be possible to find balance, light, and sweetness through cultural development in a society struggling with political turmoil, social change and the search for a sense of self.

Summary Of Culture And Anarchy By Matthew Arnold (summary)

The disparagers of culture make its motive curiosity; sometimes, indeed, they make its motive mere exclusiveness and vanity. The culture which is supposed to plume itself on a smattering of Greek and Latin is a culture which is begotten by nothing so intellectual as curiosity; it is valued either out of sheer vanity and ignorance, or else as an engine of social and class distinction, separating its holder, like a badge or title, from other people who have not got it. No serious man would call this culture, or attach any value to it, as culture, at all. To find the real ground for the very differing estimate which serious people will set upon culture, we must find some motive for culture in the terms of which may lie a real ambiguity; and such a motive the word curiosity gives us. I have before now pointed out that in English we do not, like the foreigners, use this word in a good sense as well as in a bad sense; with us the word is always used in a somewhat disapproving sense; a liberal and intelligent eagerness about the things of the mind may be meant by a foreigner when he speaks of curiosity, but with us the word always conveys a certain notion of frivolous and unedifying activity.


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