Marvin harris cows pigs wars and witches pdf

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marvin harris cows pigs wars and witches pdf

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Mind-blowing anthropology. Great argument that the reasons that religions worship cows or hate pigs, that tribes wage wars, or Europe's years of witch hunts, are all very practical economic reasons usually unknown to the participants or washed out of history.

Marvin Harris August 18, — October 25, was an American anthropologist. He was born in Brooklyn , New York City. A prolific writer, he was highly influential in the development of cultural materialism. In his work, he combined Karl Marx 's emphasis on the forces of production with Thomas Malthus 's insights on the impact of demographic factors on other parts of the sociocultural system. Labeling demographic and production factors as infrastructure , Harris posited these factors as key in determining a society's social structure and culture.

Cows, pigs, wars, & witches

Dupont-Sommer, translated by G. I had just finished trying to convince a class of undergraduates that there was a rational explanation for the Hindu taboo on cow slaughter. I was certain that I had anticipated every conceivable objection. Beaming with confidence, I asked if anyone had any questions. An agitated young man raised his hand.

Cows pigs wars & witches : the riddles of culture

Expanding the Economic Concept of Exchange pp Cite as. The potlatch is at once an exotic commonplace and a favourite object of philosophical speculation. This is mainly due to the fact that the term has a chequered past and initially highly political overtones. Instead of referring primarily to hard facts of ethnography, it lies at the core of a particular representation of alien otherness that dominated late nineteenth-century history in British Columbia. Under the impact of massive European settlement potlatching became the target of the civilising endeavours of Protestant missionaries, leading to anti-potlatch legislation designed to foster the assimilation of the Northwest Coast peoples into Euro-Canadian society. This initial mis representation of the potlatch was carried over into professional anthropology, where the definitions arrived at by the coloniser were hardly probed.

Harris Marvin - Cows Pigs Wars And Witches.pdf

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